Dirk Hoppe

„His smile grabs our hearts, his voice hits the mark of our souls” – that’s what the British press once wrote about him. Dirk shared the stage with Bobby McFerrin and proved his talent in several star roles of international musicals. Besides beeing an excellent singer he understands well how to guide the audience through an awesome night of entertainment.

Marita Moore

Born on the Philippines, Marita was one of the top acts in Asia. The soul singer toured through Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and the Emirates. Being of slight built – her voice is the antipode. Her astonishing black voice and lively performance make her one of the most sought-after singers in Europe.

Nora Becker

When you hear her sing, you think that she sings just for you. Nora is a young singer of a special kind who manages to enchant her audience. In spite of her age, she worked with well-known artists like Eddie Gomez, Vinnie Valentino, Nippy Noya, Sydney Youngblood, Nana Mouskouri or Peter Herbolzheimer.

Robbie Smith

Robbie Smith is the son of the jazz musician Harold Smith from Trinidad.
He sings and plays percussion with the Roger Cicero Big Band and is the drummer of the No Angels.

Ricky Stoute

Ricky Stoute is well known not only for his extraordinary voice – he is also a fabulous dancer and entertainer. After many years, starring Simba at “Lion King”, he played the lead role in the South African musical “African Footprint“.


The singers can rely on the groove of the band and the perfect sound consisting of keyboard, drums, bass, guitar and saxophone.

Sigi Dresen (keys)

Sigi Dresen started playing the piano at the age of six and discovered the electric organ at the age of 12. He recorded and toured with Yasmin K., Mathias Reim, Leningrad Cowboys, DJ Bobo, Slimman (USA), Inga Rumpf, and Udo Lindenberg.

Ralph Klinzmann (bass)

Electric bass or double bass – Ralph masters both. With his charming understatement he provides the groove basis for the rest of the band.

Ilan Levanon (guitar)

Passionate, emotional and full of spirits – that is the character of our guitar player from Argentina and his music. He masters the electric guitar with all kinds of sounds just as well as the accoustic guitar which he plays with virtuosity.

Robin Fuhrmann (drums)

Robin studied drums at the ‚Hamburg School of Music‘ with Benny Greb, Helge Zumdiek and Heinz Lichius. In addition to „be souled“ he plays with "BABY BENZIN", "MONTAG", and "SARAHJAMINN". He is also part of the samba band “QUINTA FEIRA” and the orchestra of “LION KING”.

Johannes Köppen (saxophone, flute)

Better known as “King Koeppen” in the band of Lotto King Karl, the exceptionally gifted saxophone player belongs to the cadre of “be souled”.

Tim Rodig (saxophone)

The sound of his saxophone is part of the best soulbands in Hamburg. He also organizes and plays the jazz sessions at the “stage club”.

Leandro Saint-Hill (saxophone, flute)

With his Afro-Cuban touch, dynamic rhythms and bright solos Leandro Saint-Hill guarantees musical entertainment on the highest level.


Paul Lazare
Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 40 45 36


"be souled galaband" with grand piano!

High class events require a high class band with high class instruments. We offer to bring a grand piano and play the double bass instead of e-bass and acoustic guitar instead of e-guitar. But be aware: despite this noble instrumentation – the audience will dance just the same! For more information about the instrumentation of the coverband click here.

"be souled" live at the ECCO Walkathon Hamburg

In September 2010, partyband "be souled" was the main music act at the ECCO Walkathon in Hamburg and got the vibes going among the 2.200 participants.