Interactive drumming

Now up to 2.500 participants! We build up set up a full orchestra out of by using different drums and play arrange a complete song together.

We conduct drum workshops all over the world. Moderation languages: Englisch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German

Interactive drumming workshop

We create your "Company-All-Star-Band". In a very short space of time (20-45 minutes) your team will experience becomming a company percussion orchestra.

Workshop video download

Drumming workhops for teambuildings

The participants are divided into groups first to learn one instrument each.
Finaly a big percussion orchestra is built out of all groups.

Drumming workshop teambuilding video download

Song workshop: your own company song

To the melody of a well known hit, the participants create their own company-cong based song lyrics..

The colleagues sing the company-related lyrics, drum the rhythm of the song and everything is recorded with our mobile studio.

Songworkshop video download

Give away instruments

Drum interaction with give away instruments

Egg-shaker, drum sticks, clap banner are our give away instrumente. Within 15 min. we produce a nice show with complete audience interaction.

Alternative drumming workshops:

Body-Percussion or sound-tubes (Boomwhackers) warm-up

Harmony and melody with tuned plastic tubes.

Drumming workshops with products

"Let`s make some noise about it!" Your product featured in a lively performance.

Performance of your managers

We train your manager, so that they perform their own show.

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