Undercover drum show

If you don't find 'your' show, we will develop it for you!

Drumming worker

Dressed in work clothes according to the branch of trade, the musicians drum on tools, oil drums and other compatible objects. Optional with angle-grinder show.

Worker video download

Paint drum show

These barrels sparkle. It's coulored liqued looking like fire. Paint drums known from (Blue Man Group show).

Paint drum Video Download

drumming cooks

7 minutes veritable feast for the ears. Et Voilà! Our cooks serve delicious rhythms á la minute.

Cooks video download

Car - shows

Exhaust pipe, engine bonnet, oil drums, wheel rims… perfect instruments for this show..

Car show video download

car shows as product launch: see below

Physicians / scientists

Coloured bubbling liquids. the scientists conjure unexpected sounds out of test-tubes and other laboratory material.

Physicians / scientists video download

Sanitary Drum Show

Technicians are comming with pipes, toilets and tools. Tubes become organs and ventilating pipes going to be trombones. On melodic und rhytmic base the plumbers even start singing.

Sanitary Drum video download

Product presentation at the fair

Example: office supplier
File folder, paper clips, keyboards and staplers serve as instruments in this show..

Office video download

Drumming Promotion

Small packets of cigarettes and matchboxes - big sounds.

Promotion video download

Live accompaniment of an advertising film (LOEWE)

At the awards show of the ‘German Marketing Award 2003’ the hi-fi supplier LOEWE asked us to accompany their latest image-video, filmed in three different continents.

Live accompaniment video download

car presentation with drummers and band

Special show for special product.

car presentation video download

Tailor-made shows

Ideas emerge from dialogues. Our customors often have clues but no final concept. Call us, we will inspire you.

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