Interactive drumming

For a brilliant start of the event, we perform a vibrant percussion show with mobile drum band Quinta Feira. Your guests feel the stirring grooves and experience the vital atmosphere of a samba group, not knowing that it will their turn soon.

The percussion instruments are nearby, hidden beneath a piece of molton. The first wow-moment is the revealing of the drums.

We distribute four kinds of percussion instruments and after 45 minutes, your team has become an "all-star-band".

Possible events

  • Kick-off
  • Meeting
  • Corporate event
  • Team building
  • Merger
  • Change-Management
  • Manager training
  • Incentive

Places and languages

We carry out our drum events worldwide. Transport of drums with us by plane, train, car or shipping company.

Moderation in the following languages possible:

English, French, Italian, German.

Trommelevent Teamtag

Trommelevent Teamtag

Drum Event auf Firmenprodukten

Drum Event Firmenprodukte

Flashmob mit Trommeln

Flashmob Percussion Workshop

Interaktion mit Give-Aways

Mitmachaktion Give-Aways

Interaktion mit Boomwhackers

Boomwhackers Interaktion